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Fastcurve is committed to bring new capacity for organizations and communities by leveraging latest technology, and help them achieve sustainability and business goals, in time bound manner.

We are on mission to provide Consultancy and Engineering Services to support business in Digital adoptions, transformation and new initiatives and deliver maximum value.

And build innovative products and process which can bring cost, revenue, time and experience benefits for organizations and communities.

Know about Fastcurve Accelerators

Fastcurve Accelerators dramatically decrease project execution time.


Enable your business to go digital or build new digital capabilities to bring value to your customers. Build Apps, Web portals, Rule engines, Service APIs to adopt omnichannel distribution.


Migrate your applications on new tech stack and leverage new age technology capabilities to empower value chain. Bring more automation based implementations to increase speed, coverage and reduce errors.


Provide optimum experience to users by creating intuitive design and workflows. Deliver UI/UX based on user research and adapt various external and internal integrations to solve use cases.


Ensure error free delivery in production. Also apply application security testing, infrastructure testing, stress testing, load/performance testing for complete coverage of quality aspects.


Adopt cloud native approach to serve your users anywhere and anytime. Speed fast implementation using managed services. Leverage cloud capabilities to implement out of box Disaster Recovery for business continuity and CDN for fast delivery.


Implement best devops practices and build CI/CD pipelines for error free and fast deployment with rollback options. Leverage Infrastructure as Code concepts to remove manual dependency and build robust change management.

Designed to provide seamless delivery of services

Delivery Principles

Primary focus to ship the product as quick as possible for adoption. This not only helps reduce cost but also quickly validate idea and gather market insights.

An expert team of Program Managers and Architects ensure requirement capture and bring quick conclusion. No extended hierarchy to collect requests.

Quality should be maintained along with speed. no downtime, no data loss, gain optimum user experience and trust from your customers.

Well experienced QA team ensures adherence to requirement, no bugs and optimum security of product and platform.

Reduce guesswork and ambiguity with well laid metrics, workflow based documented process. Minimize operational risk, vendor lock-in & personnel dependency, increase business resiliency.

Retro meetings and client checkpoints keep reforming process around engineering and consultancy to improve operational efficiency and keep structure well documented.

Share expertise, add value for client and connect with other thought leaders and experts. Leverage more opportunities to connect and grow.

Subject Matter Experts with extensive experience in technology and industry, share case studies which demonstrate possibilities of improvement, improvise and grow.

Delivering excellence across value chain

Industry Expertise


As a digital first organisation, our services cut across multiple domains. Fastcurve is serving in Logistics, E commerce, Cyber Security spaces.
Experts from FinTech, HealthTech, EduTech
End to end product implementation


Technology is our forte. We have extensive experience various implementation areas of technology, be it complete Enterprise solution or migration of technologies or re-engineering products.
Legacy to Latest Tech stack
Best Practices, Best Design, Best Support


Fastcurve Subject Matter Experts, enable clients achieve more in setting up process, adoption and growth. We engage with client over common goal of best in class implementation of the innovative ideas.
Detailed Research and Report
Focussed Implementation and Growth


Experience Fastcurve product suite, empowering users to experience technology solutions which augments their capabilities in executing domain centric activities.
Edzag for Education
Yukt ERP for Merchants
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FastTools - Tool Chain

FastTools is well tested, adaptable and flexible set of inhouse frameworks and tool chain which act as value multiplier for clients. These are pre defined Agile templates, report formats, QA automation tools, Cloud migration frameworks and many more.
Rapid execution of projects
Large coverage of scenarios


Industry Cognizance