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Talent Growth
With advent of new technologies and new methodology in more faster manner than earlier, it very much required for any organization to think of talent growth. It only helps organization but colleague as well.
There is subtle need to understand the changing work culture and new age requirements.
With more than 50% of workforce between 20 - 35 years, it is now imperative to understand, evaluate, identify and implement new solutions.

Fastcurve is committed towards nurturing talent in its colleague and provide the best of support and environment to grow and excel.

Basic Fundamentals revolve around

  1. Right Mindset

    Enable positive and problem solving mindset within organisation. A vibrant and accommodative community can empower next cycle of growth across spectrum of services and technologies.

  2. Right Training

    Training to ensure expertise in a domain and cross -training for ensuring incorporation of broad spectrum helps in having in depth idea of subject. Besides, soft skills are one of the another key area of improvement where we learn basic etiquette in dealing everyday work.

  3. Multiple opportunities

    When we have multiple opportunities, it helps us to grow in different dimensions. An individual can shift to new interest. We encourage colleague to work on different aspects so as they can have first hand experience on various subjects. This helps in becoming a better leader in future.

  4. Enabled workplace

    Workspace is very important factor in work itself. We spent a goof one-third of time at workspace. An enabled workspace provides better services to perform work, manage better health, good food, peace place, collaboration and others.

  5. Progressive Colleague

    On a day, every colleague interact with close to 5 different other colleague. They have profound impact on our progress. Right hiring and management can help in very correct engagement and collaboration. Definitely, in house training and culture also have lasting impact

  6. Out of Work support

    An individual carry emotion from personal life to work and vice-versa. Since, we ensure best of environment at workplace but cannot have direct impact on personal spaces. But in case, a colleague needs support in certain aspects like emotional wellness, add on financial support, we do take care on case to case basis to support as much we can

  7. Freedom to express and experiment at workplace

    Ideas can come from any interaction. It's very necessary that individual can express their thoughts and intentions. No wonder, we may encounter a miracle. In addition, there should be enough room to experiment and try. Failure can be stepping stone to success. Any ways great learning come from failures.

  8. Protection

    An organisation must have policies to ensure protection of rights and individuality of each colleague. We take them very seriously and any deviation on that calls for serious action. This helps keep checks and balances.

  9. Respect for personal space

    AN organization must respect personal time of colleague. There is need to change culture where organizations peek into personal spaces of individual. There should be right collaboration between both on need to need basis and defined ownership

  10. Exposure

    Exposure for colleague to various things happening in world is of high importance. It helps exchange of ideas. Seminars, meetups help in this direction. Patents, copyrights, white paper help in exposing IP created by colleague for use of other people across world.

Fastcurve ensures every colleague as same opportunity as above to carve out best of talent and cultivate it for better.

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As a digital first organisation, our services cut across multiple domains. Fastcurve is serving in Logistics, E commerce, Cyber Security spaces.
Experts from FinTech, HealthTech, EduTech
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Technology is our forte. We have extensive experience various implementation areas of technology, be it complete Enterprise solution or migration of technologies or re-engineering products.
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Fastcurve Subject Matter Experts, enable clients achieve more in setting up process, adoption and growth. We engage with client over common goal of best in class implementation of the innovative ideas.
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Experience Fastcurve product suite, empowering users to experience technology solutions which augments their capabilities in executing domain centric activities.
Edzag for Education
Yukt ERP for Merchants
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FastTools - Tool Chain

FastTools is well tested, adaptable and flexible set of inhouse frameworks and tool chain which act as value multiplier for clients. These are pre defined Agile templates, report formats, QA automation tools, Cloud migration frameworks and many more.
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