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Energy Resources and Utilities
Begin your journey with FASTCURVE towards a new transformation- ENERGY 4.0

Utility applications market size is expected to reach $5 billion by 2023, compared with $4.2 billion in 2018 at a compound annual growth rate of 3.5%.

Digitization in Energy resource and utility field lay down a great impact on its accessibility and mobility. With our proven industrial experts, we offer our clients with bundles of digital and technological solution to simplify their operation and enhance productivity. Trending modern technologies gives mining, forest products, metal, building material companies a boundless opportunity to tackle everyday challenges. Low grade ores, crude oils, large distances, changing commodity prices, global competition, stalled capital projects leave this sector with no option but to optimized resources for greater productivity and sustainability.

With the use of Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, data Science, analytics, etc we offer flexibility that ensure our client to add value in their existing resources. We help utilities exploit and interpret data to retain and grow customer revenue. FASTCURVE avails you a power bank to solution your business needs to streamline operations, enhance safety, empower workers, power supply chain and everything.

Some of the industry’s most important challenges follow them in next 10 years:

  1. Managing significantly growing cyber risk,
  2. Justifying new investments to regulators (up 10 points to 55 percent in a 2019 industry survey)
  3. Preparation for or response to natural disasters.
  4. Improving the customer experience is also one of the key priority.
  5. Doing all of the above while keeping cost low may seem would be difficult till there is a well-managed resource and the right execution of projects.

But a leap toward strategic planning, risk management, and ongoing digital transformation can help. Industry needs to maintain its balance and grow in the coming year.

Delivering excellence across value chain

Industry Expertise

Ship Faster & Grab Market Opportunities

Build cloud based & enterpise grade mobile apps, web products, websites & middlewares. Enhance applications with integrations that keeps your customers engaged with application.

Additional services are:
Independent Testing of Application.
Resource outsourcing/Extended team in niche skills.

Get The Right Experts & Save Money

Consultations that can help you start your project, and improve productivity & outcomes in running projects. Every effort in planning & optimising progress, productivity, user experience has direct impact on revenue.
Experts having 12+ years of experience.
In depth analysis, documentation & reporting.

Technologists Having Expertise Across Domains

Ongoing Projects In: Logistics, Cyber Security, Platform Service, Education, Retail , Travel, Ecommerce, Media, Experience Management, Cloud Contact Centre & more.
Domain driven development approach.
Technology that cut across different verticals.

Fastcurve SaaS Products For Your Growth

Fastcurve products are helping multiple industries in having time,effort,cost & revenue benefits: Retail, Visitor Management, Attendnance, Education, Research, Survey, Customer Experience, Grievance Management, Organization Security, Upskill.
Useful for SMEs, Large Enterprises, Government, NGO's.
Useful for roles: HR, Admin, Operations, Security & others
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Upto 30% Faster Development

Accelerators are well tested, adaptable and flexible set of inhouse frameworks and tool chain which act as value multiplier for clients. These are pre defined libraries, agile templates, report formats, QA automation tools, Cloud migration frameworks and many more.
They help in:
Rapid initiation
Rapid execution


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