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Web app development services

Fastcurve provides web application development services to global clients. Fastcurve comes among the top web application development company that has unlocked a value of 100+ million USD for clients.

Successful approach for Web app development

Web app development is the process of creating software that runs on a browser. The web is the most democratic form of application availability. Even better than Android app development and iOS app development as Android apps are guarded by Google & iOS apps are guarded by Apple.

Web development success depends on 8 important pillars.:

  • Requirement Gathering/Discovery: Right identification of tasks, task detailing & associating time estimates are very important for all stakeholders & the a custom web application development agency. It helps plan well for other functions like sales, marketing & support.
  • UX Design: Its no more world for outdated designs. Modern & pleasant design is a must for web development. Usability factors & optimized funnels in the workflow have become more important than ever.
  • Cloud/Infra Architecture: Lot more in the world on performance, security & scalability depending on how infrastructure, servers, and network policies are set up. An expert knows the minor points that most developers miss.
  • Application Architecture: In addition to contribution in performance, security & scalability, it also contributes to how modular web application services are written. Whether they are maintainable or not? How easily new features can be plugged into them.
  • Project Management, Change Management, Release Management, Tools & Best practices: Its equally important to track the health of a web development project, understand the ownership of IPs, and have the right tools for change & release management.
  • Development: A right set of engineers, mentored by seasonal experts having more than decades of experience working for top web app development companies, form a strong foundation & feature development of a project.
  • QA/Testing: QA is first citizen of product. They ensure the web product is released with expected quality & developers have not missed or introduced errors in their product.
  • Product Management/Business Analyst: Product owners ensure in depth analysis of web project features & create tasks for development. They form an important bridge between business & engineering. On every release, they measure the effectiveness of features as well & track growth metrics.

What technologies do we use as a custom web application development company?

The tech stack in our web app development services includes angular development & react development. The overall stack comprises MEAN, MERN, Java development, Springboot development & cloud services provided via AWS.

We use frameworks like NextJs for react development, Bootstrap for HTML development, and Springboot for API development.

For CMS development (Content Management System development), we mostly use Strapi as a headless CMS and WordPress development services for full website development services.

Using frameworks accelerates deliveries of our web application development services. Although the engineering team is open to custom web application development even without using frameworks.

There are caveats! We know them & plan early for your success

Solving for multiple browsers & adapting to multiple screens need good expertise. Being among the top web app development companies, we have tried & tested processes around it. Moreover, we provide the solution faster than most top web development companies.

Not only this, we know how important is SEO for you. Do you know JavaScript-based frameworks like angular & react even being superb, can screw your SEO. That’s bad. We get you covered. We are a few of the Web app development firms who consider these points upfront.

Further to web development, we also establish best practices & process

Web app development firms typically focus on development aspects. We go beyond our Web application development services. Fastcurve ensures overall progress, even better than top web app development companies. We set up:

  • An agile development process.
  • Best engineering practices.
  • Change management process.
  • Release management process.
  • DevOps best practices.
  • Server monitoring & alerts.

When compared to top web development companies, overall development is faster, costs less & quality is better.

Significant steps that must be done by top web development companies

Here are the five most important points. More use cases wise important points are recommended by our expert while engineering process:

  • Test web application development on minimum Chrome, Edge, Firefox & Safari browsers. These make up more than 90% of the world's browser usage. Most Web development companies, test on Internet Explorer as its no longer supported by Microsoft.
  • Test web app development to be responsive on different devices like laptops, larger than laptop screens, tabs & mobile sizes. Responsive web apps are important for a seamless experience for users.
  • Enable the PWA feature. This is done via PWA development (Progressive Web App development) This makes your web installable as an app on the device. iPhone 13 and above also provide this option. This way, your user does not need to remember URLs now.
  • Ensure your application has the best practices of Search Engine Optimizations (SEO). Server-side rendering can solve angular development & react development-related issues. Moreover, ensure to focus on on-page SEO too. Consider your website as a source of leads, not only as an informational platform. Most Web application development companies miss this part. Ask questions about these.
  • If you are rebuilding your current site or considering Web app migration, then the above SEO point becomes more important. You would not like to lose already made investments in SEO. Ask a web app development company to build a proper SEO migration strategy too. Rely on metrics than arguments. Web app migration also needs careful consideration of database migration which is the toughest of all.

What domain do we serve?

We have till now phenomenal success in the following, including enterprise web apps:

  • eCommerce web app development services.
  • Logistics web development app development.
  • Travel web development app development.
  • Preferred as an education-related web and app development agency.
  • Among top web app development companies for AWS Contact Centre development.
  • Among top web app development companies that built AI Services like face attendance management systems.
  • Among top web development companies that built visitor management systems.
  • Online forms web development app development.
  • Online forms web development app development.
  • ERP web app development services, that include inventory management & billing ERP systems.
  • Website development services for education platforms, clinics, agriculture, export-import, lifestyle, wellness, coaching & other industries.

Fastcurve as your preferred web and app development agency for solving your use cases

If you are looking for a custom web application development company, a top web design company, a mobile app development agency, or outsourcing IT services, that can solve your use cases, connect with us today. We build quality web applications & Scalable web applications that your customers would appreciate.

Fastcurve is an IT services company that provides web development services, custom web design services, website development services, app development services (mobile Application development), android development services, iOS development services, cloud consulting services and other custom software development services.

We have been among the top IT consulting firms & IT outsourcing companies consistently providing value to clients at 7 global locations.


Why should I choose Fastcurve for Web application development services?

By choosing Fastcurve, you get engaged with experts who have developed stellar products for multiple decades. Not only this, you get access to Fastcurve pre-built accelerators that speed up delivery & hence reduce overall cost. Other than defined use cases & features, some of the important aspects we cover are:
  • Multi-browser support
  • PWA (Progressive Web App)
  • SEO adherence
  • Migrations

What is the most important aspect I should consider for Web application development services?

Correct planning is key to success. Before starting development, creating a defined roadmap and expectations is much important. 70%+ projects fail due to improper or no planning. Fastcurve’s discovery phase covers detailed requirement gathering, creating workflows, state transition diagrams, wireframes & project planning. Project planning covers listing tasks, defining milestones, and providing exact time & cost estimation. That makes you confident of outcomes & timelines & helps prepare other functions like marketing & sales properly.

Delivering excellence across value chain

Industry Expertise

Ship Faster & Grab Market Opportunities

Build cloud based & enterpise grade mobile apps, web products, websites & middlewares. Enhance applications with integrations that keeps your customers engaged with application.

Additional services are:
Independent Testing of Application.
Resource outsourcing/Extended team in niche skills.

Get The Right Experts & Save Money

Consultations that can help you start your project, and improve productivity & outcomes in running projects. Every effort in planning & optimising progress, productivity, user experience has direct impact on revenue.
Experts having 12+ years of experience.
In depth analysis, documentation & reporting.

Technologists Having Expertise Across Domains

Ongoing Projects In: Logistics, Cyber Security, Platform Service, Education, Retail , Travel, Ecommerce, Media, Experience Management, Cloud Contact Centre & more.
Domain driven development approach.
Technology that cut across different verticals.

Fastcurve SaaS Products For Your Growth

Fastcurve products are helping multiple industries in having time,effort,cost & revenue benefits: Retail, Visitor Management, Attendnance, Education, Research, Survey, Customer Experience, Grievance Management, Organization Security, Upskill.
Useful for SMEs, Large Enterprises, Government, NGO's.
Useful for roles: HR, Admin, Operations, Security & others
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Upto 30% Faster Development

Accelerators are well tested, adaptable and flexible set of inhouse frameworks and tool chain which act as value multiplier for clients. These are pre defined libraries, agile templates, report formats, QA automation tools, Cloud migration frameworks and many more.
They help in:
Rapid initiation
Rapid execution


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