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Travel & Hospitality
The travel and hospitality industry is seeking a plethora of opportunities and has been at the forefront of digital innovation and continues to be altered at an exponential rate across every corner of the world. Today everything is at fingertips and the advent of rising technological advancement has left no segment of the tourism ecosystem untouched.
  • Over the next 10 years, the industry is expected to grow at a rate of 3.8% to $11.4 trillion.
  • 85% of the millennials show interest in sharing their individual experiences and habits for better offerings next time
  • Caroline Brenner (head of travel & tourism) at Euromonitor International said that digitization has a great impact on facilitating the growth of the travel & tourism sector as online sales now account for more than 40% of total travel products, up from 28% in the year 2012. In accordance, mobile travel sales have also seen phenomenal growth, from a 2% share of total travel sales in 2012 to 12% at present.

With such steep demand for travel, aided technology and digitization becomes critical to rise above the competition and deliver the customer a lavish experience. Customers do not just want the same experience every time, they want a unique and personalized experience. To achieve this, Big Data becomes a key allowing brands to offer customized offerings and to track preference. 85% of the millennials show interest in sharing their individual experiences and habits for better offerings next time.

By combining AI and Big data, FASTCURVE presents to you with the near-term prospect of useful virtual assistants that could further bring in more sales and shower a steady growth to your business. The travel and hospitality industry is expected to get an abundance of benefits from wearable technologies.

Did you know from the planning stage to booking your tickets, to hospitality experience and sharing those feedbacks on social media, digital technologies play an important role in boosting up your business?

How some of the giant players have become the ace of the race-

  • Henn-na, Japan’s five-star hotel is the first hotel to install intelligent robots where 90% of the hotel staff are robots.
  • Lufthansa has introduced Avegant Glyph headsets the AI chatbot and 200 Bluetooth beacons
  • Scandinavian Airlines is equipped with the customer touch interface, the app managed electronic bag, tags & chatbots.

Statistical Data-

  1. 52% of the travelers agree that social media influenced a change in their traveling plans
  2. 80% of the travelers said that they book a trip from the company referred by a friend than a conventional Facebook ad.
  3. 95% of people check more than 7 reviews before considering a tourism company.
  4. Today, 60% of business and 41% of business travelers make travel arrangements via the internet.
  5. Over the next 10 years, the industry is expected to grow at a rate of 3.8% to $11.4 trillion.
  6. In a recent study by Tripadvisor, it was found that more than 32% of the respondents plan to spend more on travel

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