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Introducing Wings MVP program
Your idea to product in 8-16 weeks
Latest Detox Shield (UK) - Android and IoS app for cyber security is live!
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Wings synopsis

Why Wings program matters

Best cover and support

You need not worry for technical expertise or manage resourcing for large or MVP projects.

Tried and tested methodology

It’s based on building block framework, which is adaptable to various needs of complex or MVP product development.

Adopted by global companies

Adopted by Detox Shield UK, Limpkin India and others to successfully build MVP product and then expand product portfolio.

Quality and accelerated outcomes

Early release and adoption of product, save cost, increase revenue, delight users and team, iterate fast.

Everything you need to grow at one place

  • No technical knowledge required - Our team will provide full technical support.
  • Complete inhouse team - Design, product, engineering, QA, devOps and growth BA teams. No worry of resourcing to build minimum viable business product.
  • End to end solutioning - Product solutioning and engineering covered by us to build MVP mobile app, MVP website, MVP web development or other software systems.
  • Super experienced and skilled team - Architects and program managers having 12+ experience with big enterprises and startups.
  • Full flexibility - Final product is tailored reflecting your brand and usecase.
  • Build to scale - Module development with architectural design that scale with minimal changes, post MVP software development.
  • Agile process - Faster time to market. See product shaping up at regular frequency, get quick feedbacks.
  • Use of pre built accelerators - In house libraries, frameworks, process, reports, templates, rapid mobile app development tools.
  • Decoupled team structure - Decoupled product and engineering team, allows fast paced requirement gathering, MVP strategy and parallel development.
  • Fast turnaround - Dev team directly interacts with client in requirement gathering and issue resolution to overcome any communication gap to ensure rapid mobile application development or other solutions.
  • Issue free implementation - Different QA for frontend and backend. Focus on zero bug deliveries.
  • Robust process - Time tested process for project management, development, configuration and release management. Structured issue management and review process. Experience fast mobile app development framework.
  • Infrastructure as Code - Deployment on AWS with Infrastructure as Code (IaC).
  • Focus on business continuity - We understand importance of your users. Architecture and infrastructure are designed to provide maximum uptime, backups and important monitoring.
  • User delight via awesome UX - Get your end users engaged with latest UX micro interaction trends which delights them.
  • Zero cost of initial engagement Engagement contract for developing an MVP is signed only after our advice & consultancy.
  • Start small and pay As we build confidence - Very small upfront security amount and then pay after releases. Get security amount adjusted in first pay.
  • Consultancy cost starts - As low as 999 USD for consultancy.
  • Product development cost ranges - Starts at 10K USD and goes 50K+ USD for 8-16 week programs. Suitable for MVP development startups have easily adopted.
  • Top notch consultancy - By super experienced and subject matter experts and leaders.
  • Know additional benefits - Know about startup benefits provided by ecosystem and governments.
  • Future custom plans - Custom plans for continued engagement and future support, post development of MVP.
  • Connect with experts in community - SEO, ASO, GTM (Go To Market) strategy and connect with other experts who have served global clients and delivered successful outcomes.

Carefully curated engagement



  • Back to back, minimum 3 free consultations to understand idea and generation of MVP for business.
  • Final outcome: MVP Minimum Viable Product is finalized, requirement document, tech stack and engagement are signed.
  • No cost if work didn’t materialize.

Setup Base

  • Finalization of mockups and project management plan with feature list, MVP product design, timeline and ownership.
  • Sharing of escalation matrix and issue resolution mechanism.
  • Setup development, testing, release tools and infrastructure.

Develop Product

  • MVP design and development.
  • Monthly release of product. Agile development methodology.
  • Bi weekly assistance discussion with client on startup and product.
  • Internal/closed group review and feedbacks.

Track and Measures

  • Weekly user traction report.
  • Reap benefits of MVP in development process.
  • Recommendations for growth funnel. GA training, if required.
  • Discussion on further engagement and support for maintenance or future developments.

The outcome that keeps pride and success

Ready Product

Build apps, web products, API integrations, chatbots or alexa skills. Application availability for end user and investment ready for further growth.

Initial Traction

Understanding of initial traction of launched product. Start building business process, user acquisition journey or investment plans. MVP in mobile app development or MVP in web development often helps receive quicker feedback.

Formal Process

Setup of formal process of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), particularly Agile. It can be continued after minimum viable product development.

Ecosystem Connect

Leverage expertise of experts to broaden your vision and network. Startups receive information about ecosystem, incubators, MVP company and government support details.

Growth Opportunities

Make most from growth options proposed by Fastcurve team in terms of product improvements for engagement and monetization.

Fast execution

Experience fastest way to build android app, ios app and hybrid apps. Fast web app development framework supports in quick execution of MVP web app.

Story of belief, success and transformation

Detox Shield is UK based cyber security company.

Detox envisioned to implement Mobile apps, to ensure people are aware about their digital vulnerabilities and safeguard their personal data from cyber frauds. Intent was rapid mobile app development and also ensure to build MVP app to start with.

Fastcurve Wings program

Detox team enlisted Fastcurve as MVP app development company, to realize their vision. Idea converted to MVP mobile application and launched on playstore.

OUTCOME - Detox Shield Andorid and IoS App

  • Finalization of MVP app development from product idea.
  • Program duration: 12 months.
  • Fast android app development and ios app development.
  • An idea got implementated & launched.
  • End user get benefit of real world product, which can safeguard them from cyber frauds.
  • Product set for further user growth, revenue and investment.
  • Feedbacks funneling new feature requests as per market and user needs.
And happy client and empowered users!!

Wings FAQs

Our Accelerators which get products implemented at super speed


Deployable containerized boilerplate microservice framework with ready CI/CD integration , packaged and tailored for product specific need

Drastically reduces bootup time and core infa development.


QA Automation framework for UI and backend Services which reduce manpower need, increase coverage, speed up execution, testing gets documented by steps and reports and reduce error chances.

Decreases testing time up to 20% of manual testing.


Tool Chains act as value multiplier. It consists of small applications and libraries which makes development fast and includes syntax checker, formatters and validators.

There are 25+ toolchain available which makes development breeze.


Pre designed templates and frameworks. It includes Agile Dashboards, reports, Infrastructure as Code (IAC) templates.

Reduce communication gaps and covers minute details.


Collaborate with highly experienced and skilled Subject Matter Experts, who ensure best practices, and fast paced error free execution.

Team with 12+ year experience and Subject Matter Experts.

Speed as metrics impact whole value chain.

Quick delivery reduces operations/development cost and covers market opportunity. Quick time to market leads to revenue and early feedbacks.
Do you have a digital product idea and you or team feel very strongly about it !!
But struggling due to limited technical support?
Consult to know MVP development process & engage our MVP development services.

There are always substantial cost of delay and lost opportunities.

Delivering excellence across value chain

Industry Expertise

Ship Faster & Grab Market Opportunities

Build cloud based & enterpise grade mobile apps, web products, websites & middlewares. Enhance applications with integrations that keeps your customers engaged with application.

Additional services are:
Independent Testing of Application.
Resource outsourcing/Extended team in niche skills.

Get The Right Experts & Save Money

Consultations that can help you start your project, and improve productivity & outcomes in running projects. Every effort in planning & optimising progress, productivity, user experience has direct impact on revenue.
Experts having 12+ years of experience.
In depth analysis, documentation & reporting.

Technologists Having Expertise Across Domains

Ongoing Projects In: Logistics, Cyber Security, Platform Service, Education, Retail , Travel, Ecommerce, Media, Experience Management, Cloud Contact Centre & more.
Domain driven development approach.
Technology that cut across different verticals.

Fastcurve SaaS Products For Your Growth

Fastcurve products are helping multiple industries in having time,effort,cost & revenue benefits: Retail, Visitor Management, Attendnance, Education, Research, Survey, Customer Experience, Grievance Management, Organization Security, Upskill.
Useful for SMEs, Large Enterprises, Government, NGO's.
Useful for roles: HR, Admin, Operations, Security & others
View Products

Upto 30% Faster Development

Accelerators are well tested, adaptable and flexible set of inhouse frameworks and tool chain which act as value multiplier for clients. These are pre defined libraries, agile templates, report formats, QA automation tools, Cloud migration frameworks and many more.
They help in:
Rapid initiation
Rapid execution


Industry Cognizance