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Edzag is full stack and data science backed solution for educational institutes, schools, universities, coaching classed and independent libraries. Edu Tech is major space where there is still lot of disconnect in eco system. Penetration is less than 20% and Tier 2-Tier3 cities are yet to be covered.

Indian Government is trying hard to enable ecosystem to help start-ups in this field.

Learning Management System is one such effort by Fastcurve to boost ecosystem and enable digitization

Fastcurve is trying to give back to Educational ecosystem by its offering.

Learning Management Systems is a web and cloud-based applications that allow educational institutions to deliver content and resources to students, faculty, and staff. The online cloud-based library management system provides easy ways for librarians to create and store their library collections. It enables students and staff to communicate and collaborate through multiple channels.

Learning Management Solution is a system to connect various stakeholders of educational institute, namely

  1. Student
  2. Faculty
  3. Librarian
  4. Admin

Problem/Gap Analysis

Library Management System has been designed to automate, manage and look after the over-all processing of even very large-scale libraries. This software is capable of managing Book Issues, Returns, Magazine/Newspaper Subscriptions, Calculating/Managing Fine and Balances of payments due from Members, generating various Reports for Record-Keeping and Review purposes, according to end user requirements.

More over this software is fully compatible with Bar Code based management. Use of Bar Codes for Library Management eases the everyday tasks of big Libraries, where the no. of transactions exceeds several thousands in number. Moreover, the software can work even without Bar Codes seamlessly.

  • As of now there is average 240 mins in a month put upon by library users to search/communicate/issue/return of books.
  • Manual recordkeeping raises concerns of longevity of records. This is also prone to error and fraud.
  • Traceability of books and library members are time consuming process.
  • Missing digital forum causes requirement of additional workforce and infrastructure which is results in additional cost to organization.
  • Cloud based web application ensure faster access and reliability.

Issues with existing solutions as of today:

  1. On Premise Application: Performance and accessibility issue.
  2. Existing solutions: They are not scalable and modularized.

Advantage of Fastcurve LMS:

  1. Cloud Based SAAS Solution – Anytime, Anywhere available. Option of restriction to in-premises IP as well.
  2. Role Based Solution for various level of Access. Higher security. Have only what you need.
  3. Customization on Home page – Make your own Doodle and upload. Do it as per your frequency. Little things make us happy.
  4. Fresh and new UI – It's not that old age desktop application. Feel fresh when you work.
  5. Realtime data – No delays. Get your data as they get updated.
  6. Realtime Notifications – No delays. Get your notifications delivered to your inbox for all actions required by you or done by you.
  7. Upgrade without challenge – With team building new features quickly, access them without hassle. You may have “wow” next day
  8. High quality Operational and Analytics dashboard. Operational Dashboard helps in day to day task. Analytics dashboard prepares you for future.
  9. Detailed Audit – No action on site goes unaudited. No chance of Fraud or data tampering.
  10. Cloud security – Multi level security at each network data transfer level. Ensures Gold standard of security implementation.
  11. Detailed reports – Download reports for custom date range. Share as required.
  12. Bulk operation support – No need to type into form for each entry. Upload and download via Excel for bulk operation
  13. Advanced Integrations – Barcode and Google Book Api integration to enhance usability and data enrichment.

Keep watching this space for release of product and more details.

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