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AWS Cloud Security
Most (93%) cybersecurity professionals are "moderately to extremely concerned" about cloud security, with data loss and leakage (64%) and data privacy (62%) at the top of the collective list. CloudEvaluate helps keep your infrastructure safe and secure.

Advent of CloudEvaluate is to codify all the rules which drive CloudFormation templates in AWS.

CloudFormation templates are implementation of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concept, which provides most important benefit of versioning infrastructure related changes.

CloudEvaluate is one stop solution to help organizations organize, identify, scan CloudFormation template. Collaboration and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) are in built feature into the application.

Get Best Recommendations, Insights, Analysis and Documentation on AWS CloudFormation templates via CloudEvaluate.

CloudEvaluate allows your teams to better collaborate on templates, teams can create projects and upload templates. Projects are secure and access to projects is controlled to limit access.

Uploading CloudFormation template instantly provides detailed description of document which further helps in identification of purpose for which template was built. Hence, it bridges gap of knowledge loss even in case employee has left the organisation. In addition, you can view file in two modes: File and Detailed View. Detailed view is interesting in the sense, it enables user to view template in tree structure with an option to hide/show services. This helps in focussing more on services which matters.

There is file fact section to help identify number of services, resources and properties in file.

Scanning CloudFormation template provides detailed categorization of recommedation on basis of severity and type. Each recommendation comes with description and they get linked to section of file which is in question. There may be additional recommendations too.

There are multiple benefits in comparison to today's world methodology:

  1. It helps in adherence to best practice
  2. It helps you identify vulnerability
  3. Knowledge gap can be bridged
  4. Documentation can be standard and via tool
  5. Your templates stay relevant for AWS changes
  6. Lowers your manpower cost
  7. Reduces manual error or oversight chances
  8. Quickly help you go through Infrastructure setup review
  9. Many more as we keep adding features

There are lots of upcoming feature to ease usability and enhance understanding. Lots of rules are added everyday to ensure more relevant recommendations are generated corresponding to templates. CloudEvaluate constantly connects AWS to identify new changes so that rules can be updated in near real time basis.

CloudEvaluate positioning is very important as it tries to ensure infrastructure of an organization is secure, stable, error-free and up to date. Since, all software runs on infra, its imperative to take diligent care of it. Wrong and incomplete templates have often caused Organizations high cost implications.

Overall, CloudEvaluate is an effort from developers for development community to democratize knowledge and a move toward more stable, secure and relevant infrastructure.

As of today, different plans are available. To enable smaller organizations, this tool is free. For larger use cases, a nominal sum is set as fee to enable the usage.

Happy Using! Feel free to write to us. We would love to hear back - Every feedback is precious.

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